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Application Form

Personal Information

* First Name
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* Date of Birth
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* Social Security Number (xxx-xx-xxxx)
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* Present Address
* City
* State
* Present Zip
* Prior Address
* City
* State
* Prior Zip
* How long have you lived at present address?
* How long did you live at your prior address?
* Prior Landlord's Name
* Prior Landlord's Phone

How many occupants will be living in this unit?

Weight of Pet(s) in pounds

Employment Information

* Employer
* Occupation
* Current Salary
* How long have you made this Salary?
* Employer Contact Name
* Employer Contact Phone

Spouse Information

Spouse First Name
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Other Information

What Floorplan are you interested in?

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Have you ever:

* Filed for bankruptcy?
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* Been served an eviction notice or have been asked to vacate a property you were renting?
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* Willfully or intentionally refused to pay rent when due?
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If yes, when?
* Been sued for an unlawful detainer?
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How were you referred to us?
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By checking this box, I/we understand that Fountainwood Manor Apartments is the leasing agent and representative for the owner/landlord and that the leasing agent's fees will be paid by the owner/landlord. I/We also acknowlege that this notice was received prior to my /our recieving of a lease agreement.

Consent to Obtain Credit/Employment Information

The application authorizes landlord, leasing agent, and representatives of owner/landlord to contact the applicant's current or previous lanlord, and current employer, and further, by a copy of this application, authorizes any said landlord or employer to release pertinent residential and employment history information to be used in evaluating my lease application. I further authorize owner/landlord, leasing agent or its representatives to apply for or obtain an investigation or dredit report in connection with this application. I understand that said investigation or credit report may contain information obtained from various state governmental and private entities relative to the undersigned's number of children, employment, occupation, general health, financial and criminal history information.

By checking this box, I/we authorize Fountainwood Manor Apartments to investigate my/our credit qualifications and hereby release, in any manner, all of the information obtained by you. I/We further release all persons, agencies, or firms from any liabilities resulting from providing such information.

By checking this box, I/we declare under penalty of perjury that the information listing in this application is true and correct.

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